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    CCA/CCAM wire
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    CCAM wire

    CCAM wire(Copper Clad Aluminum Magnesium wire)

    Size Range(diameter):0.10mm-8.0mm
    Our CCAM wire with the state-of-the-art cladding and welding crafts guarantee the high density and conductivity of our 99.9% purity copper cladding, while our metallurgical bonding technique assures that the Copper cladding is evenly distributed around the Aluminum Magnesium coil along the wire for excellent concentricity.Mechanical properties accord with US ASTM B56693 Standard.

    Our CCAM wire is developed individually by our company, Using high strength of Aluminum Magnesium core,copper layer is made of pure copper,weights less but boasts higher intensity of 180-250Mpa,and the density is only 2.85g/cm3,The second generation CCAM wire is 30% longer than its first generation competitor of the same weight.Clients can take 30% cost reduction of our second generation product over the low-intensity antecedent that breaks easily,Now, the output of our Second Generation CCAM,CCA wire is 800Tons per month.

    Technical Characteristics CCAM wires
    Clad type Plated type
    15H 15A
    Size range (mm) 0.10-8.0 0.10-8.0 0.10-6.0
    Copper content (% by weight) 34-40 34-40 6-10
    Tensile Strength (Mpa) ≥220 150-210 180-210
    Elongation (%)min 1 5 5
    Conductivity (%)min at 20℃ 55 55 37
    Resistivity (Ω.mm2/m) max at 20℃ 0.030859 0.030859 0.047
    Density (g/cm3)min 3.63 3.63 2.85

    Normal package:
    DIN130mm, DIN160mm, DIN180mm, DIN200mm, DIN250mm,DIN400mm, DIN780mm




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