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    CCA/CCAM wire
    CCS wire
    Al-Mg Alloy wire
    Tinned wire
    Stranded & parallel wires
    Sliver plated wires
    Enameled wire
    Nickel plated steel wire
    CCA wire

    CCA wire(Copper Clad Aluminum wire)

    Size Range(diameter): 0.12-8.0mm

    Our state-of-the art cladding and welding crafts guarantee the high density and conductivity of 99.97% purity copper cladding,while our metallurgical bonding technique assures that the copper cladding is evenly distributed around the aluminum core along the wire for excellent condentricity ,mechanical properties according with US ASTM B 566-04a Standard.CCA wire is sorted into Hard -drawn (H) and Annealed(A).

    Type:According to the process can be divided into cladding CCA and plating CCA

    Standard: SJ/T11223-2000; ASTM B 566-04a

    CCA widely used in cable TV signal and large volume communications net work signal transmission,or as control signal cable.

    Power Transmission:
    1.Choice conductor material for Enameled wire
    2.Power cable
    3.Control cable
    4.Cables specially made for automobiles and motorcycles
    5.Construction wiring
    8.RF shielded cable network

    Special Magnet Wire:
    1.Choice conductor material for :Computer
    2.Mobile communications wire
    3.Coil or column used in Aeronautics and Astronautics or Military Device


    Technical Characteristics CCA wire
    Clad type Plated type
    10H 10A 15H 15A
    Size range (mm) 0.20-8.0 0.20-8.0 0.12-8.0 0.12-8.0 0.18-3.0
    Copper content (% by weight) 25-31 25-31 32-40 32-40 6-10
    Tensile Strength (Mpa) ≥152 110-172 ≥152 110-172 90-120
    Elongation (%)min 1 5 1 5 5
    Conductivity (%)min at 20℃ 62 62 64 64 62
    Resistivity (Ω.m㎡/m) max at 20℃ 0.02743 0.02743 0.02676 0.02676 0.02743
    Density (g/cm³)min 3.32 3.32 3.63 3.63 2.85

    CCA wire advantage:

    1.Given the same weight and diameter,CCA wire measures2.6-3.2 times longer than copper wire ,which means that 1 Ton of pure copper wire should afford2.6 to 3.2Ton CCA wire,a choice to reduce costs of material for cable production.
    2.According to pure copper wire,the impossibility to separate copper form CCA wire keeps thieves away.
    3.CCA wire is better plasticity than copper wire with good conducity and improbability of insulating oxide to be generated round the aluminum core make the CCA wire easier to process.
    4.CCA wire is light,easy to transport and install,thus saves labor coast

    Normal package:Spool size:
    DIN130mm, DIN160mm, DIN180mm, DIN200mm, DIN250mm, DIN400mm, DIN780mm




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